Madison K

Who is

Madison K. is a reflection of the girl in all of us focusing on the positive impact of the individual. She possesses old fashioned values and has been deeply influenced by family, friends and experience. Her creative spirit is driven to be the best and she holds firmly to her core principles. Her passion for beauty and makeup make her feel like she can help women to present themselves as dreamers and role models for the modern world.

She is honest and outspoken though usually polite and likeable trying to find the positive in everything. She worries often being a true people pleaser and though she has deep insecurities, she also has talent and a work ethic that surpasses most girls her age. She believes that there is a unique individual in everyone and wants to build confidence by helping to present the best image both outward and inward.

Hard work and humility are core principles for Madison K. and learned lessons help bring teachable moments to young Madison and her friends. As an ADD, OCD, and dyslexic writer and blogger she struggles with many of the problems and insecurities that many young women share today. She is flawed as we all are but tries to bring humor to light possessing an inner strength that is enviable with the power of integrity and quality.

Her journey is one that I am hoping raises many questions and gives some answers to what it means to be a real American Girl in a sometimes tough and unforgiving world. As a quality role model she will spark the entrepreneurial spirit in young women and inspire them to be better. Each girl in the series is ambitious but very naïve and what they learn could and should transform them forever. They hope to bring forth change where they find conflict but find that in many cases change may be impossible.

When Madison K. is quickly propelled into an enormous media spotlight, constant tension and questions mount as she and her friends try to work within the new and unfamiliar institutions that they believe have unfair and corrupt standards. Trying to hold on to their values and principles in a world that seems to lack them and follow their dreams raises their goals and what’s at stake every day. Learning from hard lessons and each other they buck the stereotypes and look and listen to what truth looks like trying to find their own destiny and understand what the reality of their new world is. They turn desire into aspiration and learn about themselves and the world through each personal journey and then share their knowledge always maintaining their unbreakable bond of friendship.

Initially I started this series as a business plan but as I began to write and continued to write I found a voice in my characters and a message that I believe truly matters. I am a long time business woman with an inspirational ADD, and dyslexic 23 year old daughter and have employed many young women who are struggling to find themselves in the noise that is the world.

Opportunity is everything and sadly I am concerned about the current state of society and if Madison K. can help in the smallest or largest of ways to inspire young women everywhere then she matters. We all need to matter and to take our own responsibility to another level. How we present ourselves to the world is most important and values and principles no matter what your situation is should be kept. I am an “American Dreamer” and we need more young girls to dream and do the hard work.