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The bubble mask is the latest innovation in Korean beauty, with revolutionary skin care technology which causes the sheet mask to foam, for an all new level of exfoliation and skin cell replenishment.

This unique formula creates a foam when it begins contact with the skin and begins to bubble up.

The foaming bubbles work to exfoliate dead skin cells to leave the skin feeling awakened and fresh.

Exfoliation is deep yet non-abrasive, using the bubbles to lift the dead skin cells off the skin (even offering a cleanse lifting some of the impurities out of the skin) without using typical, harsher agents such as salts.

The process is also extremely cleansing, as the bubbles lift the dirt out out skin, so none is rubbed in to the face as is inevitable with some processes, and there is no need to touch your face as your hands are always full of bacteria!


Remove all traces of make up and place the sheet mask on the face.

Leave on for 10-20 minutes. Once the mask is placed on the face, it will begin to react with the skin and foam up to create the bubbles which allow for deeper exfoliation and cleanse.

Remove after desired duration and massage the excess residue in the skin.

No need for rinsing, again leaving the skin feeling clear and fresh!

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