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Kelley Baker Brows Angle Spooly Brush


For precise and uniform powder distribution, the angle end of this essential tool is the first brow brush made with 100% DuPontTM Natrafil® filaments, a synthetic alternative to animal bristles. Kelley designed the precise thickness, stiffness and angle to create a reliable, durable and user-friendly powder brush.

Proven performance. Tests have shown that powder brushes made with Natrafil® filament rival and even exceed the pick up and release performance of brushes made with animal hair, and Natrafil® filaments perform better than any.

  • Angle brush is for perfect product placement and defining the brow.
  • Key for precise lines.

Why Natrafil®?

Natrafil® filaments offer a synthetic alternative to animal bristles in cosmetic products. This unique composite provides a soft feel along with precise pick up and release performance for a cleaner makeup effect.

Natrafil® technology includes a texturing process to create a soft but structured surface that picks up powder easily, and a tipping process that optimizes release performance,
so powder applies precisely.

How To Use:

Lightly tap brush into powder, to pick up product.

Use soft strokes for a natural look.

Flip to spooly side to soften product and blend into the brow.

Tip From Kelley:

For proper brush care, store with plastic sleeve on angled side to keep firm shape.

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