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Color *
2B/2.1 Ash Black
2N/2.0 Black
3N/3.0 Dark Brown
4B/4.1 Medium Ash Brown
4C/4.4 Medium Copper Brown
4G/4.3 Medium Gold Brown
4N/4.0 Medium Brown
4NN/4.00 Intense Medium Brown
4R/4.6 Medium Red Brown
4RC/4.64 Medium Red Copper
4RRV/4.65 Medium Red Mahogany
4RV/4.5 Medium Mahogany Brown
4V/4.2 Medium Iridescent Brown
5BG/5.13 Light Ash Gold Brown
5C/5.4 Light Copper Brown
5GR/5.7 Light Matte Brown
5N/5.0 Light Brown
5NN/5.00 Intense Light Brown
5R/5.6 Light Red Brown
6B/6.1 Dark Ash Blonde
6BV/6.12 Dark Ash Iridescent
6C/6.4 Dark Copper Blonde
6CG/6.43 Dark Copper Gold
6G/6.3 Dark Gold Blonde
6GR/6.7 Dark Matte Blonde
6GY/6.8 Dark Grey Blonde
6N/6.0 Dark Blonde
6NN/6.00 Intense Dark Blonde
6R/6.6 Dark Red Blonde
6RRV/6.65 Dark Red Mahogany
6RV/6.5 Dark Mahogany Blonde
6V/6.2 Dark Iridescent Blonde
7BG/7.13 Medium Ash Gold Blonde
7C/7.4 Medium Copper Blonde
7CR/7.46 Medium Copper Red
7G/7.3 Medium Gold Blonde
7GC/7.34 Medium Gold Copper
7N/7.0 Medium Blonde
7NN/7.00 Intense Medium Blonde
7R/7.6 Medium Red Blonde
8B/8.1 Light Ash Blonde
8BV/8.12 Light Ash Iridescent
8C/8.4 Light Copper Blonde
8CG/8.43 Light Copper Gold
8G/8.3 Light Gold Blonde
8GY/8.8 Light Grey Blonde
8N/8.0 Light Blonde
8NN/8.00 Intense Light Blonde
8VC/8.24 Light Iridescent Copper
9B/9.1 Very Light Ash Blonde
9BG/9.13 Very Light Ash Gold
9G/9.3 Very Light Gold Blonde
9GC/9.34 Very Light Gold Copper
9GY/9.8 Very Light Grey Blonde
9N/9.0 Very Light Blonde
9V/9.2 Very Light Iridescent Blonde
9VB/9.21 Very Light Iridescent Ash Blonde
10B/10.1 Lightest Ash Blonde
10BG/10.13 Lightest Ash Gold Blonde
10BV/10.12 Lightest Ash Iridescent Blonde
10G/10.3 Lightest Gold Blonde
10GY/10.8 Lightest Grey Blonde
10N/10.0 Lightest Blonde
10V/10.2 Lightest Iridescent Blonde
Clear Permanent Cream
Achieve 100% grey coverage that’s vibrant and true to tone with Color Rhapsody Permanent Cream Color. Leaves hair 72% more visibly shiny for professional-level care that shows.

  • Color Rhapsody Permanent Cream Color comes 68 intermixable shades.
  • The Moroccanoil ProArginine + ArganID™ System is proven to provide exceptional protection throughout the color process, delivering vibrant, long-lasting color with intense shine.
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